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The Connecticut Adult Virtual High School (CT AVHS), funded by the State's Bureau of Health, Nutrition and Adult Education, provides students enrolled in Connecticut's Adult Credit Diploma Programs the option of earning credits online. The CT AVHS courses are divided into half credit segments and have a seat limit of 24. Students enrolled in a course will have students from any of the other participating adult education centers in their class with the teacher at a remote location. All teachers are CT certified. Course work is just as demanding as face to face classes. Some students find the course work to be a little more demanding of their time and effort. The online courses are designed specifically for the adult education student. All of the courses are designed to include class discussions, assignments, and one-on-one teacher interaction with students. Teachers have been trained to teach the online course asynchronously, (with the understanding that students will be logged on at different times of the day, and on different days of the week than their classmates, or the teacher). Each course contains six weeks worth of course material and is delivered in a schedule over an eight week period of time. Students needing to meet a full credit requirement can be enrolled in both half credit segments of a course. The second segment of each course will begin the week after the first segment ends.

CT AVHS History

Adult Credit Diploma Programs in Connecticut do not have the same resources, community reach, or success. Web-based distance learning provides Connecticut with the benefit of a system with shared resources that is available to students across the state, regardless of where they are located, or their ability to commute to a traditional classroom setting. The professional development components of this Project increase local expertise and standardize educational resources. The central delivery of student registration, course development, staff development, and program management represent a statewide improvement in learning outcomes, cost efficiencies and program equity.

The Program began in 2002-03 with a charter to create a scalable model for an online program to serve the CT Adult Credit Diploma community. Four centers (Hartford, Vernon, New London and Middletown) participated in a pilot year, from which four online courses and an Orientation to Online Learning course were produced. In September 2006, the CT AVHS became a statewide program.

The CT Adult Virtual High Schools program currently offers 26 half credit courses for adult credit diploma credits, an online GED Preparatory and Diagnostic course, and Student Success orientation course.

Each participating adult education center must have a trained Online Learning Coordinator to administer the program and must assign a trained Mentor to each student enrolled in an online course. The CTDLC provides this training.

CT AVHS Roadmap

This document below is written with the intent of outlining the processes for successful resource sharing in the development of a statewide Virtual High School.

A Roadmap for the CT Adult Virtual High School