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Each Local Education Agency/District must provide administrative support by coordinating eligible faculty/staff and students into the online program. This person is the local point of contact to the Central Management Group, and liaison for all communications regarding the online program.

The OLC will coordinate the inclusion of the online course offerings and descriptions in their local course marketing materials.

The OLC will coordinate with their local counselors the placement of students in the online courses.

The Online Learning Coordinator (OLC) will coordinate registration and course enrollment for each student, including the verification/validation of each student's e-mail address. This may involve establishing student e-mail accounts with providers such as or

The OLC will coordinate technology needs for running the online courses and communicate that information to appropriate staff and students. Such technology needs may include but are not limited to: details of web browser requirements, browser plug-ins, sound cards, etc.

The OLC will work with the center Director and the center Technology Coordinator to establish and coordinate technology literacy training and triage of the center's staff.

The OLC will work with mentors and students to establish and coordinate mentor support of students. In case of absence of a mentor, the OLC will also coordinate continuing support of students served by the absent mentor.

The OLC is an essential communication liaison between the Connecticut Virtual High School Executive staff and the AE center staff.

The OLC needs to be empowered to implement and communicate news and directions from the CT AVHS Executive Board.